About Holtrix

Holtrix Studios is a private indie studio founded in 2017 originally in the film-making industry taking a turn to video game development in 2019, our goal is to offer AAA game development services for your creative ideas.

The Switch
"Looking at the video game market for vehicles, it's never perfect, you either get good physics but $h! graphics or the opposite, why is there no proper AI, launch control, or fuel simulation? I'll do it myself" ~Omar Wael CEO & Founder

The Team
Our team consists of senior developers, marketers, 3d artists, etc.. with previous work experience with AAA studios like Ubisoft, we aim to offer creative people like you a boost in the development stage or later to help you get on the market and sell.

About World Drive

World Drive is an open-world vehicle simulator developed by Holtrix Studios aimed to deliver an authentic driving experience with our realistic physics engine "Neuro", powered by the latest game engine "Unreal Engine 5", World Drive peaks in computer graphics, AI, and vehicle simulation.

We aim to deliver an authentic experience in AI vehicles, simulation of fuel, launch control, aerodynamics, and physics.

About Us